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What binds the people of Starkenn together, is our love for all things innovation, technology for good and the urge to stand out from the crowd. We are a collective of highly driven individuals with industry knowledge that aim for nothing less than the sky, but again, the sky is not our limit!





5-7 Years

Job Profile

We are seeking a competent Deep Learning Engineer for our early stage start-up in Automotive technology space to design, develop and integrate computer vision algorithms for our rider safety product. Computer Vision algorithms play a pivotal role in capturing high-

end images of surroundings and mapping them accurately to produce effective alerts for the driver.

About Your Role

  • Develop state of the art CNN based computer vision object detectors and classifiers to detect road objects in real time

  • Design and develop data ingestion, annotation and model training pipelines to handle Tera/Peta bytes of video data and images

  • Build model visualizations, perform hyperparameter tuning and take data driven decisions to improve model performance

  • Optimize models for inference times and run on low power embedded IoT ARM CPUs

  • Build CI/CD tests for evaluating hundreds of models on the test set

Desired Candidate Profile

  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering from premiere educational institutes

  • Experience in building Deep Learning based object detectors for Computer Vision Applications

  • Very good understanding of most popular CNN architectures like AlexNet, Google Lenet, MobileNet, Darknet, YOLO, SSD, Resnet

  • Hands on experience in libraries and frameworks like Caffe, Tensorflow, Keras,

  • PyTorch, OpenCV, ARM Compute Library, OpenCL

  • Good understanding of Transfer Learning, and training models with limited data

  • Strong programming skills in Modern C++14 or above, Python with good grasp on data structures and algorithms

  • Good understanding of working with small embedded computers, hardware peripherals

  • Basic knowledge of Docker Containers and Linux flavoured operating systems

Stand out from the crowd

  • Prior product development experience of working with an early stage startup

  • Production grade experience of deploying scalable ML models for Android/IOS

  • Notable Open Source contributions or coding Hackathon titles

  • Love for Raspberry Pi and ARM CPUs

  • Keen interest in Autonomous Driving

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