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Explore our Radar and Vision based safety solutions


Collision Mitigation System

An active safety solution that detects potential accidents and applies Automatic emergency braking (AEB). This radar based system can mitigate accidents with stationary and moving obstacles even in low visibility conditions like rainfall, pitch dark and fog. The system generates 3 alarms based on the intelligent algorithm and in case of failure to take action by the driver after second alarm, the AEB is applied on the 3rd alarm to prevent the impending collision

Prevent accidents with cutting edge Radar technology, algorithm and AEB 
Reduce fatalities, injuries, damages and cost 
Improve efficiency on the roads with the active safety protocol
Can be used in the  front and rear for obstacle detection

Work Table
Collision Mitigation System

How Our Collision Mitigation Braking System Works

77 GHz Radar based collision mitigation system

Operates for Range of up to 130 m range and relative speed of up to 140 kmph

All weather-proof and works well in low visibility conditions

Real-time alerts to the driver with the help of Human-machine interface (HMI)

Logs the Data on the Cloud for analytics and


FAQ - Collision Mitigation System

  • Will this beep continuously in traffic
    NO. The system is based on intelligent algorithms and the alarming distance is based on distance, speed and relative velocity hence at low speeds it is expected to alarms at very less distance.
  • Will it drain the battery of the vehicle?
    NO. The system draws at the most just 0.7 A from the battery and hence it would not at all drain the battery.
  • Is it similar to reverse parking sensors?
    NO. The reverse parking sensors use the Ultrasonic sensors which are for very less distance of less than 5 meters and are not intelligent enough. This system uses radar based sensor which are used for long range of 180 meters for high speeds and are also intelligent to give alarms only when it is dangerous
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