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Explore our Radar and Vision based safety solutions


Driver Monitoring System

Built with advanced computer vision and AI, this in-cabin solution monitors the driver’s behaviour, detects any possible dangerous incidents like drowsiness, distraction, use of cell phone driving which may lead to accidents. Our advanced algorithm monitors head position, eyes and visual attributes to accurately predict the driver’s state while giving real time alerts to the driver.

Avoid accidents due to human errors with continuous monitoring and on-time alerts
Tailor-made AI algorithm that works well especially for Indian driving scenarios
Integrate with our Dashcam for capturing forward (road-facing) incident evidences
Get access to the data for analytics and insights

Work Table

Discover Starkenn's Solution to Driver Fatigue and Drowsiness

Rash driving alerts 

Overspeeding alerts

Live location tracking

Get SMS and notifications of incidents

Driver scoring

Real-time audio-visual alerts to the driver

Logs the Data on the Cloud for analytics and insights

Starkenn Attention

FAQ - Driver Monitoring System

  • Will this beep continuously in traffic
    NO. The system is based on intelligent algorithms and the alarming distance is based on distance, speed and relative velocity hence at low speeds it is expected to alarms at very less distance.
  • Will it drain the battery of the vehicle?
    NO. The system draws at the most just 0.7 A from the battery and hence it would not at all drain the battery.
  • Is it similar to reverse parking sensors?
    NO. The reverse parking sensors use the Ultrasonic sensors which are for very less distance of less than 5 meters and are not intelligent enough. This system uses radar based sensor which are used for long range of 180 meters for high speeds and are also intelligent to give alarms only when it is dangerous
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